Our Mission

To help reduce poverty, illiteracy and incompetent among the less privileged in West Africa, and to bring about the transformation of individuals.

Our Vision

We are meeting the needs of the needy, through missionary endeavors and the support of partners and volunteers.


All We Do

As we strive to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in West Africa, in thoughts, words, and actions, we do with the fear of God, when and where we conduct our programs.

Unconditional Love

We demonstrate unconditional love and caring for others in humility during our programs and establish a positive relationship with each other.


We are committed to being trustworthy, to demonstrate transparency and honesty throughout our programs.

Dedicated to Serve

As we exercise our strengths and ability to service; we dedicate to ensuring the welfare of the individuals we serve, in a friendly, calm, and respectable manner.

Empower. Enlighten. Enrich

We are wholeheartedly committed to building others up, as we encourage them to recognize their potentiality’s to achieve their destiny.


We strive to meet the highest stranded of operation, performance, and stewardship in other to gain outstanding outcome.


In 2010, I felt impressed upon by the Holy Spirit of God with a burden for the less privileged but did not get a clear understanding until 2012. I did not know how or when to make this a reality, so I ignored the impression. The fact is that I was a needy person myself; so it looked almost impossible to me for my present situation at that time. With a minimal education on missions’ programs, I wondered how I could ever accomplish such a goal. How many could I reach/help or who would join me? I asked myself as I continued to struggle to make ends meet. I tried to forget about it and refused even to share it with anyone. Looking at my physical disability and inability do not seem compatible with the vision. I thought well, if all I could see is my limitations, then what would others think or see if I share it? I could not imagine how I can put the whole puzzle together, so I decided to ignore and forget about it for a while. But with all that, the burden was still heavy on my heart, and the vision burned inside me and refused to die.

So, one day at the beginning of 2014, I went to an African grocery store to shop; upon entering the store, I overheard a guy made this statement to someone else (I think they were having a conversation before I worked in) “WELL, WHATEVER YOU DO, REMEMBER TO GIVE A LIFE”, and he left right away. It almost seemed like he was waiting for me to walk in the store to make that statement. As soon as I heard those words, it struck me in my stomach like someone had thrown a rock at my stomach; and since then, those words continually re-echoing in my spirit and could not stop. Not long after that, I heard this song on the radio by Matthew West, titled “Do Something.” It was my first time hearing this song, and upon hearing it, my stomach immediately trembled with force in a way I could not explain. After that, whenever I hear this song play, I still feel those trembles slowly, but not like the first time. Now, these experiences brought me to my knees, and I had never prayed about this burden all these years, I never really wanted to pray about it, I guess; because I couldn’t imagine it happening, or I was afraid of the outcome of the prayer?

As I continued in prayer, I started receiving confirmations and encouragement from the Lord. But still yet, not entirely at peace, until when I received scriptures for the commission: Isaiah 61:1-3 and Isiah 41:10 (in different occasions), this really put me at peace and gave me the full confidence to start the work for the Lord. Knowing that it’s not about me, or how it could happen but what the Lord wants to do through me. Even though I didn’t know how or when, but I know I have no choice than to surrender all to the will of God for my life; as He has promised to be with me. Given how naive and ordinary I am, (like Moses in the Bible) the Lord began to connect me with the people that could help me with this task, and I was able to make my first trip. This first trip was a divine instruction from our Lord Jesus Christ to go to Sierra Leone, West Africa; there, I did my first outreach program. After I received the message, I shared the information to family, friends, and colleagues around. With their ideas, I registered it as incorporation (a non-profit Humanitarian organization). Then, I started asking for help, and many people donated material things, and a couple of them donated financially.

With all the items I received and the ones I purchased, I was able to put them in a (40 ft.) container and ship it to Sierra Leone, with 99.9 percent of my income used for the cost of the entire trip. That is how I stepped out in Faith (like Abraham in the Bible) and was able to make my first international mission trip to Sierra Leone, West Africa in 2017. In conclusion, With the Lord’s help, I was able to develop the commission to this point (Please see media for visual photos). So, this is the history of Give A Life Outreach for Restoration & Empowerment International (GALORE INT’L), and how it all started. To God, be all the glory! Thanks for your time.