Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get a sense: and with all thy getting, get understanding
Knowledge is information, understanding is a revelation, and caution is application.

We believe that knowledge wants a person to “WORK HARD” using their muscles, while understanding wants a person to “WORK SMART” using their brain. Think!

Give A Life Outreach for Restoration & Empowerment (GALORE INT’L) aims to use the power of education as a means to reduce, the cycle of poverty in West Africa. We believe that education is like a seed when you plant it, and it needs are met, it will develop, grow, and increase. That’s when we come together with our finances, services, and commitment to a better system of education, then a significant change for the better in school will emerge. As it is known, education remains the leading doorway to tomorrow’s dream. Also, as the saying goes “knowledge is power” True! It’s one of the greatest keys to success in life, and so, our goal is to ensure that every child in West Africa has the highest quality of education they deserve.

We also believe that education adds value to a person’s life; one feels very valuable when they’re able to gain educational success. Therefore, we aim to make quality Christian education available, accessible and inexpensive if not free by complying with the educational system in West Africa. Low levels of literacy and learning in general, can hinder the economic development of a country in this fast moving technology-driven world.

Furthermore, we will continue to empower, enlighten, and enrich others, as we work towards bringing about lives transformation, through education for our children for a brighter future, and the development of our nations. We will also continue to strive to lower if not stop the issues of poverty in Sierra Leone and West Africa as a whole through your support towards quality education. We trust that with your financial donation and continuous support, we can make a significant change in the lives of individual’s in Sierra Leone and the Nations of West Africa. We know that there will be an excellent possibility for a better and advanced education for the future of the children, the Nations, and the future of West Africa as a whole.

For the Lord grants wisdom! From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He gives a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity.

We hope and believe that with your financial donation and continuous support, we can make a big change in this nation and in the lives of individuals. Knowing that there will be a great potential for a better and advanced education for the children, their future, our nation, and the future of West Africa as a whole.