I believe that we can only change the world if we come together and get involved to do something, anything to make a lasting difference in someone’s life one day at a time.

For we are co-workers with God, He has given us what we need to get the task done.


The President

Deborah Kargbo is a native of Sierra Leone, West Africa, currently residing in the USA. She is the Executive Director of Galore Int’l, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is doing fantastic work for humanity and God’s kingdom. She is a missionary by Divine calling and an ordained minister of the Gospel. Deborah Kargbo is a former Sierra Leonean refugee in Nigeria West Africa, she lived for five years, between 1999 and 2003. There she was able to have the experience to find what it means to be less prevailed and be in need. As she is called to serve humanity, Deborah also has over thirteen years of experience in working with individuals with disabilities and special needs. She is actively engaged in promoting human welfare and religious services with no prejudice to human suffering. Her priority is to proclaim Jesus Christ, save lives, relieve pain and suffering where possible, and maintain human dignity; as she empowers, enlighten and enrich others with the Good News of Salvation. When she goes about her daily activities, she could mentally hear the screaming of hope and a purposeful life from the voices of the less privileged in West Africa, echoing in her mind as they are diving into low self-esteem and poverty, she said.  Therefore, she believes that the Lord Jesus Christ has placed this active compassion in her heart to love and help humanity, as she has experienced being in need.  This commission (GALORE INT’L) has been entrusted to her and her team to help the less privileged in West Africa. (3psconnection.com)

Deborah Kargbo


Mrs. Laurina J. Yeboah is the Treasurer for GALORE INT’L. Mrs. Yeboah is a native of Liberia West Africa, residing in Ohio, USA. She is trained in Health Service Management with a bachelor from DeVry University, currently pursuing her nursing degree. She has a strong passion and love for the less-privileged. She believes and loves helping humanity with one act of kindness at a time. Her motto is, “Be a blessing unto others.”

Business Development Manager

Mr. Dale Patterson is the Business Development Manager for GALORE INT’L. Mr. Patterson is currently residing in Columbus, Ohio. He has earned a B.A. in History/Pre-Law from Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama, and a Computer Associate Degree in Computer Programming from Electronic Computer Program Institute, Columbus, Ohio. He has 30 plus years’ experience with the US Federal Government in the areas of Government Contracts and IT.

As a Contract Officer, he has awarded government contracts to Government Defense Contractors. He was a Buyer of computer hardware and software for three (3) government Agencies. He has worked as the Lead Call Center Agent for the DFAS IT Agency for the Columbus Ohio Division. He has owned a computer company that provided computer services to the general public.

Mr. Patterson has always enjoyed working with the homeless. He started the homeless children ministry at Ephesus SDA Church in Columbus, Ohio, and he is their Community Outreach Director providing free services to the less fortunate.