A brief update on our last accomplishment through God’s help. It was indeed a journey of faith, and we were able to ship a (40 ft.) container to Sierra Leone. Which contained as follows: to list a few, over 400 brand-new Bibles, 187 bags and boxes of rice, 40 large bags of new and gently use clothing, 10 large bags of unique and lightly use shoes, 27 bicycles for both adult and children, boxes of school supplies & backpacks, hygiene items, small furniture and small medical equipment like crutches, wheelchair etc. and many more items. This stuff we distributed in every community and villages we visited. With these items, we were able to serve over five hundred needy families. (Please see media for visual photos)

Sierra Leone is one of the smallest countries located on the continent of West African, with a population of 7.557 million people as of 2017. Sierra Leone is said to be rich in minerals and natural resources, but yet, 70% of its people still live in poverty. It is so pathetic to know how the people of Sierra Leone have suffered numerous atrocities; war and natural disasters which have destroyed so many lives & property and have left the nation to be one of the poorest in West Africa.


During our trip to Sierra Leone in the mid of 2017, the Lord bless the organization with twelve devoted people who worked tirelessly with us. During this time, I met so many victims who have lost their loved ones to these disasters that had to occur in Sierra Leone. The mudslide, the Ebola, the flooding, and other atrocities. These devastating disasters have destroyed lots of lives; hundreds of people displaced, so many children became orphans and out of school. These terrible disastrous has left the Nation in a severe state of concerns.

Because of this, we’re planning an exciting upcoming trip for 2020 to Sierra Leone! West Africa. We are looking forward to loading up another (40ft.) container of relief items to go and help empower, enlighten, and enrich these victims and many more vulnerable people in Sierra Leone. And, one of the major projects we’re planning is to build a School and a worship center for their community and to bring in other technical training to help them to develop their skills for a better society (Volunteers and supporters are highly welcome).